Gone Fiction-ing

I’ve had me a girl-interrupted turn these last few months. When your life comes to a full stop for a considerable period of time it’s hard to pick up the threads of the life you had before, as they seem to have drifted off in the wind somewhere. This is both liberating and disorientating. We … More Gone Fiction-ing

Feeling Suicidal?

Suffering is character building, I talked about that a lot in the Storm Chasers post, we grow as human beings with what we are forced to go through. But sometimes the suffering, whatever the source, is too much to bear. Too much to live through, quite frankly. If you are pushing at the boundaries of … More Feeling Suicidal?

Creativity as Dreaming – wisdom on needing, and a rant about dating

Have you ever not known how badly you needed something, until you finally got it? I had that kind of weekend, a lot of gratitude tears were shed. I’ve always been a make-do sort of girl, ’cause life doesn’t always throw you what you want. It took me a long time to make friends with … More Creativity as Dreaming – wisdom on needing, and a rant about dating

Sohbet – not wearing green

In honour of St Patrick’s Day, my #100daysof contribution for today is a limerick: I’m not wearing green, don’t lynch me. Comprehending my motive’s a cinch see: Forgetful I’m not. It just would be hot. If someone would reach out and pinch me. Ok, you drunk/green/poetic/silly people! LET’S HEAR YOURS!