Sohbet – Longings for Summer

No scarf, no hat
not even a coat

Bare feet slip into sandals
and step outside

Shoulders back
Body open
to the sun and the breeze

Remember the days?

10 thoughts on “Sohbet – Longings for Summer

  1. longing

    The longing is real
    The sun kissed toes
    are only in my imagination

    The shoulders back are real
    The shoulders bared or
    lightly covered in a tshirt
    are only in my imagination

    The warmth of legs is real
    only in tights today
    The warmth of legs
    caressed by summer breezes
    is only in my imagination

    Hooray for my imagination!!!


  2. call comes in, what to do?
    will you something do?
    No, I’m not
    why don’t you?
    get some traction on thy shoe.

    icy treachery melt to slough!
    brother sun,
    do what you do
    graveling, salting will not do.

    complain to me?
    bark and bitch yee
    oh will you?
    crampons fix thee treachery!


  3. same story different day… going through some sticky notes and found a summer poem….

    Today the moon is full… …Clouds spread lightly across the sky
    Birds chirping quietly
    sounds of fluttering wings
    yesterday morning watering the garden created a commotion
    a pulse of life
    The bird bath has been heavily used
    I dump out the brown water and floating feathers
    filling it fresh


  4. running
    as it beckons
    as the salted walks
    bleed the last
    of ice castle corpses

    as it beckons
    as the sunlit sultan
    high on his perch
    feather and down
    is ready for merchant mating
    soon to come

    as it beckons
    the on coming works
    the glint of grass
    the hint of hunt
    slothly growing from
    the rubble at our sneakers

    as it beckons
    as we are ever at the ready
    your summer hair forgotten
    your summer high reclaiming
    all our destinies denied
    in the drying sun


  5. Not a Shakesperean poem, but just a little thought:

    oddly enough, with perpetual summer there does become a longing for the crispness and coolness of the winter. Each has its special quality. Green leaves rustling in the wind against a sunny blue sky – or white shimmering snow, frost tipped branches, the silence that only winter can bring. Both in moderation are beautiful, and in excess either one can become dull and ugly.

    While I love being warm, I think finally understand that bizarre sentiment when people say they miss winter. I’m not sure I miss it yet, but perhaps I appreciate it more. (and one of the real joys of winter… it kills bugs!)


    1. This is exactly why I love living in Canada. It has very distinct seasons. Actually I miss the seasons of my childhood. Ontario had more of a spring and more of a fall than Alberta has. Every season has it’s own beauty and gifts. But it’s like “the grass is greener on the other side”, when we are deep into one season we sometimes look forward to the next one.


  6. Clear windshield in the morning
    Yet the air is still fresh
    Blue sky and birds singing
    And the odd mosquitoe to bite my flesh
    To let the air carress my skin
    For my hair to freely float
    Tired of seeing the moat
    created by the snow there-in


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