Sohbet – Love Poems to Coffee

Ya know,

I’d write a love poem
to my morning coffee…
Except I don’t think
it would have a lot of words

Just some happy hummy noises
and the occasional sigh…

*     *    *     *     *

I found some words, 17 sylables of them:

This coffee, in bed.
Nothing but skin between me
and the sheets. Sublime.

4 thoughts on “Sohbet – Love Poems to Coffee

  1. In Praise of Puddles

    Splishing, splashing, trickling, rippling
    time to don my favourite rubber boots
    to jump and leap and twirl and stomp
    great big tidal waves to my ant friends
    dangerous muddy lakes to my worm companions
    lifespring of drinking water to the songbirds
    but a source of childhood frivolity for me
    while at the same time
    a pavement mirror to my smiling face


  2. O Joe where are thou
    Morning Friend
    Evening enemy
    Mid-afternoon Jitter
    Bold and Italian,
    Flirty and Colombian,
    Strong and French
    Smooth and Mexican,
    Devine and Hawaian,
    you’re my international moment
    My first delight
    My moment of peace and quiet
    Before all break loose and daily chaos sets in……


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