Sohbet – Headcold Haiku Tree

It’s time for another haiku tree! And in keeping with the season, a virus laden themed one.

Here’s how it works:

You can add a branch to the “trunk” of my haiku by filling in the Leave a Reply box at the bottom of the page with you own haiku, pulling from a word, phrase, or idea, in my original poem.


You can branch off from someone else’s haiku by clicking on Reply by their name, and building your haiku around a word, phrase, or idea THEIR haiku inspires.

Have fun with it, and feel free to diverge from the flu-addled theme, this is just where it starts, who knows where it will go…

Oh, and a primer for haiku newbies – its a poem in 3 lines:

5 syllables / 7 syllables / 5 syllables

It’s that easy, not even any rhyming!

Here we go!

the bustle of life
halted. curled up, fuzzy socks.
snot-filled solitude.

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