Sohbet – Fruit Erotica

So, I kinda snapped the other day and tweeted what turned out to be a rather erotic poem of longing for the bananas I was impatient to see ripen. This cracked me up enough, I figured there were probably lots of other erotic love poems to fruit could be written, so take this as a challenge and write yours!

Here’s the banana one for openers:

My darling banana
You green tipped tease
How I long for the time of your ripening
Fill me with your nourishing sweetness


4 thoughts on “Sohbet – Fruit Erotica

  1. How ’bout a kumquat? Ain’t nothing sexier than a kumquat!

    Pocket full of kumquats
    my darling won’t you come squat
    upon this shady seat

    Your tartness on my tongue
    Oh, how the juices run
    release me from this heat


  2. 1st.. dedicated to a lonely person on an island with a pineapple…

    Horny Pineapple
    Under my skin, there is but
    A hole to thrust in

    2nd… A lonely cherry

    So soft yet so sweet
    bite me lick me taste me whole
    pop me cherry now

    3rd… and a lonely housewife and a banana

    My Hubby at work
    Need hard yet firm and long too
    Banana will do


  3. How to alienate your appetite with one word.
    granny smith apple Fetish
    Peeled apple skin fetish
    brown apple core fetish
    apple stem turned to the letter J fetish
    crab apple half eaten fetish
    caught staring at an apple tree fetish
    being told to leave apples alone fetish
    writing a poem about various apple fetishes fetish


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