wabi sabi

Wabi sabi, the Japanese aesthetic valuing naturalness based on the underlying principle that nothing is ever permanent, perfect, or complete — and that includes this web site.

A work in progress as I learn the ropes, fine tune, and add content, please let me know if something isn’t flowing well or is glitchy. I may not yet know how to fix it, but I’ll add it to the list of things to learn.

Thanks for your patience and support. In the meantime, read on and enjoy!

One thought on “wabi sabi

  1. I love the idea of wabi sabi. I think I’m very much a product of wabi sabi. This whole idea of setting an idea out into the wide open spaces to anyone who cares to take a peek at this glorious site or miraculously stumbles upon the sohbet site makes the site ever changing, and ever in process. That’s what makes the site so exciting. I don’t know if it’s because I love Japanese food but even the term wabi sabi sounds delicious and makes my mouth water.


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