Day 17 – alone

Sorry people, I’m not writing anything publicly today. Today I need to be alone with my thoughts.

grant me the ability to be alone
may it be my custom to go out everyday
among the trees and grasses
among all growing things
and there may I be alone
and enter into prayer
to talk to the one
that I belong to

~Lao Tsu

Throw some mountains in there and the old monk pretty much sums it up.

2 thoughts on “Day 17 – alone

  1. What a lovely prayer and came just in the nick of time for me. I need the courage to be alone. Even when you are not writing, you inspire.


  2. Your quiet of near 2 weeks ago is another fitting coincidence.

    Just thinking, not deciding… maybe I can do 100 days emailing either here or somewhere else. Informed by my internet wariness. I tend to be a very open person, especially about myself, so this caution doesn’t come quickly. I have such faith in our truths. To paraphrase a feminist saying, that one person can crack open the world by telling the truth about her life. Though I don’t aspire to be that person. Just to listen.


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