Sohbet- Sometimes You’re the Windshield

Back in the Fall when I was really sad, I wrote a country song. It made me really happy. Hope it helps cheer you up now:



Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug.
You’ll start out flying high, and then you’ll find you’re eating rug.
It’s just the way it goes my friend, you’ve simply got to shrug
it off and start to digging out of that hole that you dug.
‘Cause sometimes you’re the windshield, and sometimes you’re the bug.

(guitar solo)

Yeah, sometimes you’ll be the windshield, sometimes you’ll be the bug.
Peel yourself right off that glass, give your spattered guts a tug.
Get your wheels back on the tracks, and let your little engine chug.
Sometimes you’ll be the windshield, and sometimes you’re the bug.

(chord change)

I know you’re feeling low right now, and really need a hug,
’cause you’re life is full of windshield and you’re feeling like the bug.
But things will turn right round again, so shake that sad face off your mug.
‘Cause there’s times you’ll be the windshield, you can’t always be the bug!

Pull the fibers out of your teeth now, that you picked up in that rug,
Surround yourself with friends who care, and get yourself a hug.
I know it’s really tough right now, but hang in there my love,
’cause sometimes you’ll be the windshield, you can’t always be the bug.

Yeah, sometimes you’ll be the windshield, you can’t always be the bug.
(repeat to fade…)


Alright, here’s the Sohbet challenge: write me your own life descriptive country song (or counter with you’re own sad song of any genre to cheer you up)

5 thoughts on “Sohbet- Sometimes You’re the Windshield

  1. Sometimes you’re the shoe,
    Sometimes you’re the shit.

    For days, I’ve been trying to think of something more profound, or just something more… maybe posting will get this jangle out of my head.
    xo jyanti


    1. eloquent, elegant, to the point and on topic…maybe that’s all you needed to say.

      I’m still brewing a response to Valerie’s song, but it may be that I don’t have a song with this particular theme in me at this time.

      I admire Valerie’s clever take on life’s ups and downs and maybe so blown away by her humour-filled ironic creation that I can’t think of anything else to say.


  2. Not as fun as yours, Valerie. But stuck in my head…

    Sometimes you are old, but sometimes you are young,
    Sometimes you’re prudent, but never are you wise,
    Fights left unwon, stop the fight,
    My exhaustion for ideals carries
    the forgiveness of compromise.

    Sometimes you’re too old to be as young as you are
    Who can you wail to, who can you ask for help,
    Will this always feel like your last chance?
    Hard work layered on top of hard work half-remembered
    Noone owes me guidance, but here’s my gratitude.


  3. Just getting a chance to catch up on your blog of late and this is fabulous as always :) I’ll add a little instalment, then:

    If…. you’re out on a Monday
    And you’re feelin’ kinda cummy
    Like the whole world’s nippin’ at your heels,
    There’s a chance it could be sunny
    If you sing-a somethin’ funny
    And somethin’ somethin’ somethin’ somethin’ feels!


  4. If you’re in on a Tuesday,
    Came straight home after work,
    Can’t face lineups at Safeway
    Or the dishes in the sink,

    Take a measuring spoon
    Off the ring for granola and milk
    Lick peanut butter
    Off the butter knife

    You know your alarm is stuck
    At six ay em you know
    Your life is stuck in this
    Third floor walk up
    You know you’re not good
    For yourself but at least
    You don’t need to say a word
    Til half past seven

    It won’t always be Tuesday
    Is that bad or good?

    See, you cope.


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