Day 20 – peaceful easy feeling

Today’s post has a soundtrack, so go ahead and click here to get the Eagles going so you can listen in the background as you read…

Ironically, after writing yesterday’s post considering the need to be at peace with what isn’t at peace, I’ve been feeling more peaceful than I have in weeks. Relaxed and grounded (if still exhausted), moving around with those happy hummy feelings I’d forgotten used to be standard.

Funny thing, this 100 days project, posting in real time, watching you all respond in real time (I do read everything you say, even if I’m not replying). I’m just now realizing it’s not just me and my stuff and how you guys react to it, but what you say (on and off line) is fodder for me. You’re responses influence what I’m thinking about, how I approach what I’m working on. What we’ve got here my dears is a Group Project!

So aside from walking around with a “peaceful easy feeling” (and thus naturally getting that song in my head) thanks to the stuff you guys have been saying I’ve been thinking about risk, trust, interdependence, hope. In classic pop-culture philosophizing mode, there are two lines in this song I think are profoundly important:

I’ve got a peaceful easy feeling and I know you won’t let me down ’cause I’m already standing on the ground.

Trust… involves risk – counting on somebody and risking they well let you down. There’s a good chance they will, and for no fault of their own other than just not being able to be what you need. But if you lay your trust not so much in the other person as in your own ability to handle the outcome of that risk, you’re in a much more secure place.

I did a bunch of intuitive painting during a particularly difficult shift I was trying to make. Found it incredibly valuable to get those thoughts and feeling out where I could look at them. This one’s been on my mind:

Interestingly, it’s called Defended. And not because it’s got walls protecting it, but because it represents a tether of energy running right through the core of me. I don’t need to protect myself from others so long as I’m connected to myself. That alone leaves me safe, defended. I know you won’t let me down, ’cause I’m already standing on the ground.

The second line I really like from this Eagles song is:

I found out a long time ago what a woman can do to your soul. But she can’t take you any way you don’t already know how to go.

I think this falls into the category of what I was figuring out yesterday on minding your own business. We are all journeying, people come along at various points in that journey, but it is OUR journey to make. People may influence that journey, change what’s happening for us, but it’s our path, we were going that way anyway. They didn’t take us anywhere we weren’t already going.

I think we get into trouble when we attach that experience, that journey, to the person who shared it with us at that time – grieve the loss when they move on, think we can’t do it alone, wish we could continue along with them, think that it happened because of them. Well it didn’t. It’s a paradigm shift to mind your own businessown your own journey. See it as yours, coming from you, they were just tagging along. They didn’t take you anywhere you didn’t already know how to go. Or as I quipped in Your Beauty Must Be Rubbing Off:

I am rubber
You are glue
What you see in me
Resides in YOU

It really is all about you, and you’re beautiful (yes every last one of you!). Minding your own business, seeing you’ve got it all within you, no one can ever really let you down. Go! Jump! Risk! Love! ’cause no matter where you leap, you’re still standing on solid ground.

And knowing that sure gives me a peaceful easy feeling.


2 thoughts on “Day 20 – peaceful easy feeling

  1. Wow.

    You just said what I needed to hear. So, wise one, how do I do that? How do I stand on the ground?


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