Seuss Slam video!

Well, I survived my first public reading! Small crowd (which was good and not scary!) and a willing audience made for a real fun event. So grateful people came out got silly and bought into the whole enterprise – it couldn’t have worked without everybody else taking part.

The moral of this story: Seuss is irresistibly fun, no matter how old you are!

There are some things I learned from this that I can take into other endeavours to get people taking part, being silly, and letting their creative juices flow. But all in all the event definitely exceeded expectations – YAY!

For those of you far away – or otherwise engaged – the whole thing was captured on video and up on youtube. Hazards of the modern era: any time you do something weird in public it’s captured on the internet for all eternity – fortunately this one captured a good hair day.

Thanks again for everybody’s support – online and in real life.

Oh, and feel free to add to the Seuss Sohbet if the video inspires you.


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